Being in care

Children and young people are in care through no fault of their own.

Some people return home after a few days, some stay for a few months or even years.

Young people might stay in care until they are 18, either because it’s not safe to live at home any more or because their parents aren’t able to look after them.

There are some young people who may be adopted and find a new family forever.

Being in care is actually known as being ‘looked after’ – and that’s how you should feel.

When you’re in care it means that the local authority (the council) is responsible for looking after you.

If you’re in care, it means that the courts have agreed that the local authority should look after you because you weren’t the happiest or safest staying with your family.

But they have also got to try their best to settle any issues at home and get you back home – if and when it is safe.

Whatever happens and who ever cares for you, it is important that you are safe and are being cared for well.


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Children’s Rights Officer
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