Social Worker

A social worker is someone who has been trained to help young people and their families when they go through difficult times.  Each social worker works with a number of different young people and families.

They will listen to your problems, and try to help your family work things out – if it’s in your best interest.  Try to give them a chance – get to know them and build trust.  It might seem strange at first but getting on with them will really help you.

Your social worker works for social services, and is there to help you during your time in care.  They will visit you to make sure that everything at your placement is going well.  They will ask you some questions about your placement and will also speak with your carer.

They will keep a record on your file to help us assess how well things are going – While you are in care your social worker will keep a lot of information about you on your file (you can see this file if you give them notice, or by contacting the Children’s Rights and Participation Team, who will support you through the process).

Access to your social services file if you are in care or have left care

You can find out how to access your file from our leaflet: