What will my social worker do for me?

Your social worker will:

  • work with you, your parents and carers to make plans for future.
  • spend time with you – helping with any problems you may have by offering advice and support.
  • go to all meetings about your care.
  • listen to what you have to say, and help you put your views across at meetings and when decisions and plans are made.
  • keep a record of everything that goes on while you are being looked after.
  • be there for you if you want someone to talk to.
  • make sure that you are being treated well by visiting you and your carers to make sure that you are ok and getting on well together.
  • make sure you see the people you need, for example, a doctor.
  • explain things to you and make sure you understand what is going on.
  • help you to keep in touch with friends, relatives and family.

You should be able to meet your social worker somewhere you feel comfortable, and on your own – just ask them.

And remember, if things get tough, you can phone them if you need to talk. Your safety and happiness is your social worker’s number one priority.