Your Parents

Parents are always important and play a big part in your life and care.

We expect your parents, wherever possible, to:

  • take part in decisions about you.
  • come to see you as much as possible.
  • come to all important meetings about you.
  • go to your parents meetings at school.
  • go with you to medical examinations
  • help to make sure you see your, brothers, sisters, other relatives and people important to you.

We will work out with you and your parents exactly what things they will do.  This won’t be the same for every young person.

It can depend on:

  • what your parents want.
  • where your parents are and whether they are still in contact with you.
  • how well you and your parents are getting on.
  • the reason why you are being looked after.

We understand that some young people’s parents have both died.  However, close relatives can act as your parent during your time in care.