Education is the key to happiness – that means doing what you want, when you want, getting your dream job, the house, the car, the holidays ……. the lot! The local authority has a responsibility to do all it can to make sure you continue school with as little upset as possible.

We want to make sure that you receive a good education. The law states that children must be in education from the age of 5 until 16. When you finish year 11 you must then do 2 years of either education or training. You can do up to 20 hours of part time work or volunteering alongside an education or training course.

The right education means the right job or career for you in the future – it means security and independence. Your day-to-day life in school can provide stability and friendship and be central to your future. Going to school is a real opportunity for you to gain the qualifications and opportunities you need to succeed. YOU have a responsibility to make sure you go to school every day. If there is a reason that you do not want to go to school, please speak to your social worker or foster carer – they will be able to help you sort out whatever the problem is.

All schools have a designated teacher for children and young people who are in care. Designated teachers are teachers that know all about being in care and are there to look after your best interests and support you if you need any help. They won’t know everything about your background but they will understand things you might be going through.

Who else can help me:

  • Form teachers/tutors, or class teachers are there to help
  • Head of Year/ Learning Manager can
  • Some young people have a learning support assistant who may
    also help
  • School counsellors can offer support
  • SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator)
  • School nurses are an important part of the support system,
    providing medical advice, some counselling and general support.
  • An Access and Attendance Officer can also be there for you.
  • Pastoral care involves the support the school provides to promote wellbeing of all pupils.


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