More on Education!

Advisory Teacher:

The advisory teacher’s job is to support young people who do not have a school place or who are having problems going to school regularly or those who have been excluded.

The advisory teacher goes in and talks to your teachers about what you are good at and what could be improved on.

Advisory teachers also work with foster carers and social workers, giving them training on how to help more with school work.

Learning Support Specialists:

These specialists go into schools and work with you for a short while, to help and support you if you are struggling with a particular subject or area of school.

The learning support specialists will give you different ways of understanding and help you catch up with work you don’t understand.

What your carers can do to support you:

Your carers are there to support you to get the best from your school and to enjoy your time at school.

Your carers will probably visit your school from time to time to make sure that you are doing ok there.  They will help you get to school every day.

They will help you get organised for school by helping you sort out clothes, school equipment that you might need etc.

Your carers should support you in doing homework by giving you a quiet place to study, and by giving you help if you need it.

Being excluded:

  • You are excluded if your behaviour is not acceptable.
  • You can be excluded for a certain time or permanently.
  • A fixed term exclusion can be from one hour to 45 days.

All exclusions must be accompanied with a letter, stating the reason for your exclusion and a date when you can return to school, and the date of when your return to school meeting will take place.

The school must tell your carer if you are going to be excluded, and for how long, before the exclusion takes place.

Schools should give you work to complete while you are away from school during the exclusion period, and a teacher should mark this work.

School’s should not inform a student/pupil that they are being unofficially excluded, or to go home for a cooling off period.