Personal Education Plans (PEP)

A personal education plan (PEP) is part of your care plan that helps check whether you’re getting the support you need to be successful and the best you can be in school.

You should have a current PEP which is stored electronically and updated every term.

Your PEP should be discussed in your review.

Some young people with special educational needs will have an EHC plan which is more specific about what support they require in school.

Some people have an individual education plan, or a pastoral support plan – all of these plans will be part of your PEP.

Your PEP should be written within 20 days of you starting at a school or coming into care.

Your PEP should make sure that everyone pays full attention to your education.

It is important that you contribute to your PEP.  The PEP will help everyone listen to what

Your PEP will include:

  • What you enjoy at school
  • What you are good at in school
  • Any areas you would like to improve on
  • Details of any extra support you need
  • Plans for your future, including what you would like to do when you leave school.
  • How your carer will help with your education and interests, like hobbies and sports.
  • Anything else you think is important.