Part of your Care plan is your health plan. It’s nothing scary – it just means people can make sure you’re ok.

When you first come into care you will get a health assessment. It’s a check-up nothing more.

Then you’ll have a health assessment once a year while you’re in care (and again if you change school).

You can decide what happens at these checks and you also have the right to refuse this if you are over 16, or if the doctor considers that you are able to make this decision.

We have to make sure that your health is taken care of properly. We will make sure that you are registered with a doctor and a dentist.

Your foster carer and social worker will make sure that you have regular medical and dental check-ups. You don’t have to go by yourself – there should always be someone who can go with you.

To make sure that you are as healthy as possible, we will:

  • find out about your health history and keep a record on your file.
  • make sure that you have advice and information about matters
    such as drugs, alcohol, smoking and sex.
  • find out about and understand any disability you might have,
    and what arrangements we need to make as a result, for
    example, making sure your carer or respite carer has any
    special equipment which you need.
  • encourage you to take any medication or treatment you need
    and to wear glasses or contact lenses, if you need them.

In general, we will discuss your need for medical examinations or treatment with you and your parents or carers.

We will ask your parents to give their permission for you to have medical examinations or treatment before you come into care – this will allow us to make sure that you get any routine or emergency medical treatment without delay.

We will ask you and your family at this time about any medical needs you have, for example, if your religion or culture says that you should only see a doctor of the same sex.