How long will I be able to get support from children’s services?

If you have been looked after for 13 weeks or more, in total, since the age of 14, we have a duty to support you until you are 21.

Sometimes we continue to support people after the 21st birthday, if they are in higher education.

Local Authorities duty under the Leaving Care Act:

Aged 16-18

  • Duty to ensure pathway plan is in place by 16th birthday
  • Duty to make assessment and meet needs
  • Duty to provide financial support
  • Duty to provide Personal Adviser
  • Duty to ensure accommodation

Aged 18-21

  • Duty to maintain contact and to provide support through
    personal Adviser
  • Duty to assist with costs of education, employment and training

Aged 21 and over

  • Duty to 18-21 year olds continues if still in education or training
  • Duty to ensure vacation accommodation for higher education

If you are an unaccompanied asylum seeker and over 18, the Home Office will decide on your asylum application to see if you can stay in the UK.

The Learn2Live Team will explain all this to you at a Transitional Care Planning meeting, which takes place when you are 17 and a half.

This not only looks at your accommodation options but considers benefits you will be entitled to and is realistic about your future.