What will happen when I leave care?

When you leave care it is important that you know how to look after yourself and how to keep healthy.  If you are still in care when you are coming up to your 16th Birthday, the Learn2Live Team will work to help you learn the skills you need to live independently – like budgeting your money, shopping, paying bills, getting a job or going to college.

One of the main changes for 16-17 year olds is the way in which you get your money.  Children’s Services now have the responsibility to pay you regular money, as well as providing extra money, where necessary, for your needs.  (Your weekly money may go directly to your carers/keyworker/young person advisor, in order to help you learn to budget).

In some cases, 16-17 year olds can claim benefits (if you are a lone parent or a young person with a disability or in ill health).  If you are an ‘unaccompanied asylum seeker’ you will not be able to claim benefits, and will need to collect your money from Children’s Services Learn2Live Team.

Children’s Services must pay for your housing, whether it is with foster carers, in residential homes or in a hostel.

Services to Care Leavers

Services to Care Leavers (Jan 2013)