Where will I live?

There is no set age for you to leave foster care – Your young person’s advisor will discuss with you what type of support/accommodation might be more appropriate for you, and the different options available to young people leaving care, as well as taking note of information provided in your care plan and Pathway plan.

It may be that you are ready to leave the foster or residential home you have been living in, but do not feel ready to live on your own.  If this is the case, the Learn2Live Team have something called a supported lodgings scheme – This is where you live with an adult who will be there to help and support you but they are not your carer.

They are an adult who has been checked and approved by the local authority, and there home has been assessed to make sure it is a safe environment in which you can develop your life skills.  While you are living with them you will learn or improve your independence skills.  These skills may be in cooking or budgeting or timekeeping.

If you are over 16 and feel ready to live on your own, the Learn2Live Team will help you find suitable accommodation that you can afford.  There are grants availbale to help you furnish your accommodation and the Learn2Live Team will talk to you about these.

If you are an unaccompanied minor and are ready to move on from your foster carers at 16, we will give you the opportunity to live independently in shared accommodation.  You will also receive ‘outreach support’ to help you with education, health matters and finance, as well as regular visits from your young persons advisor.