Your first thought is probably, what does Skittlz mean?

Skittlz was the name that was thought up by our Skittlz members when it was first formed.

They decided on the name because their motto is, ‘we may get knocked down, but we will brush ourselves off and get straight back up’ – just like bowling Skittlz …….. you can never keep a good thing down!

Skittlz is your Children in Care Council – it is a group of children and young people who are in care.

Their is no age limit or any other elgibility criteria ….. all we ask is that you are passionate and committed to changing the lives and experiences of children in care for the better.

We meet once a month for two hours to discuss the issues that matter to you!

And it doesn’t end there …. we meet with senior management to let them know our thoughts, feelings and idea’s on how we can improve services and practice.

A little insight into Skittlz …..

The group has worked tirelessly to gain the views of other children and young people in care; to act as a voice for these children; to improve the lives and experiences of children in care of Barking and Dagenham.

Skittlz have volunteered their time to support and campaign for their peers for over 4 years – their commitment, achievements and enthusiasm is exemplary and inspiring.

Skittlz attitude is to ‘never give up’, for many, this may appear to be a simple phrase, but to them it truly holds so much heart, warmth and dedication.

All the members have had to go through their own journeys of discovery, which at times have been upsetting, confusing and in their words ‘when we understand what happens to us, or why something is happening, even if we don’t like the decision – it helps us to grow, and lessens the anger and upset that we cannot live with our families’ – this statement is carried close to their heart, when communicating with other children in care and professionals – their passion always shows.

It’s not all about meetings! …..

We get to attend events up and down the country, working with the Government to advise and share our experiences.  We also have fun days out, like go-karting, and theatre!

We are always looking for new members, and are always interested in what YOU have to say.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Skittlz, please contact Tracey Clarke.

Even if you live far away, you can still be a Skittlz member!

We can contact you by email, phone and in time via webcam!

Don’t delay, contact Tracey today!


Tracey Clarke
Children rights & participation
The Vibe, 195-211 Becontree Avenue

Phone: 020 8227 5051